Dalby Nybygget

Gunilla and Pelle run a small-scale farm in Dalby, Uppsala that provides us with delicious honey all year-round. They have sheep at the farm and grow broccoli and cucumbers as well. Several varieties of tomatoes are also cultivated and can be personally harvested on a visit to their lovely farm, open five days a week in the late afternoons. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to come by and give them a hand with the farming.

For more information on Dalby Nybygget check out their Facebook page

Stortallens Tempeh

Kristian Österlund is Uppsala's one and only tempeh producer. 

For more information on Stortallens Tempeh, check out its website 

Modern Monk

Christian, the man behind Modern Monk is a man of many passions – mostly health, fitness and good food. Through his education he took interest in the role bacteria play in our wellbeing  and combined with his other passions, Modern Monk Kombucha was born. With every bottle sold, your gut is a bit better off!

Permakultur Uppsala

You can find PKU in Gränby, in the area of Gränby Gård and in Ulleråker as well. This ekonomisk förening is growing veggies and herbs according to permaculture principles. During the season, they provide us with different vegetables, homemade chilli sauces, herbal salts, dried herbs and a catnip toy for your cat among other products. Permakultur Uppsala warmly welcomes the involvement of the community in the cultivation process and also has a shop set up every Friday from 11am-3pm in Gränby.

For more information on Permakultur Uppsala check out their website

Ramsjö Gård

Karin and Anders Berlin are the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) veterans of Sweden, having started their farm back in the 70s and the CSA boxes in early 2000s. They are based in Björklinge and supply us with a large variety of vegetables directly from their organic farm. They deliver regularly throughout the year and welcome involvement from consumers in certain phases of cultivation.

For more information on Ramsjö Gård check out their website

Resta Gård

Not far from Örsundsbro you can find the living and breathing dream of one Anna Hane. On 500 ha of land, divided by a stream and spread on the hills around, Anna has started a massive, diverse, organic and animal friendly farm. She rears hens, sheep, cows, some horses, random ducks that fly in and a cat or two. She also grows asparagus, apples and a few other crops. Her milk brings you back in time to the era when a layer of cream would form on top, in a glass bottle. All her products are organic, without conservation additives (other than salt). You can also come visit the farm during the weekend, see the animals and have a cup of coffee.

For more information on Resta Gård check out their website

Vallgarns Gårdsmejeri

On the way to Enköping you will find this small goat farm run by Michael and Kicki Sjöman. They produce a variety of cheese and beyond excellent, gluten free Swedish cheesecakes (with almonds, to be eaten with whipped cream and jam). Right now the cheese is made from goat milk and the cakes come in both cow and goat milk varieties. However, the Sjömans are selling off most of their goats and will produce with organic cow milk instead. Their products can also be bought at their very own small store on the farm, open daily from 10am-6pm.

For more information on Vallgarns Gårdsmejeri checkout their website