Our Story 

Bramaten came to life after a group of friends decided to combine their passion for good food and their hope to change the world in a sustainable way. This meant doing something that would offer everyone in Uppsala access to such food and a chance to contribute to systemic change, even if in a small way. As students, it became clear that in order to achieve this goal, we would have to leave the comfort of our academic world. We would have to go beyond, transcend those boundaries and engage with the broader civil society. Starting a local food cooperative in our own neighborhood seemed like a good beginning and Bramaten Väktargatan was the first step.


Our food hub connects its members to amazingly tasting, fresh, responsibly produced food — good food. We offer our community a chance to have our food delivered to our neighborhood while at the same time supporting local small-scale producers, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.


Our goal is to establish an equitable and lasting link between every neighborhood in Uppsala and those who provide them with good food.


We have a wide selection of quality products provided by different producers that we’re sure you’ll love just as much as we do.


Want to get to know the hub and other members? Stop by one of our deliveries to have a chat and even taste some samples!

Our Team

Camila and Kristina are passionate about good food and co-founders of Bramaten. They are current and former students of Uppsala’s master’s program in Sustainable Development with backgrounds in Anthropology and Economy, respectively.





Fabio has been a loyal member of our food hub since the first order and has recently joined the team, bringing new excitement to the table. He currently studies Political Science and Philosophy.


Ragnvald has supported the team from the beginning in every way possible and is our go to Swede. He’s enthusiastic about history and is completing his Bachelor’s in it.